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Survivor stories was founded for the sole purpose of confronting the entire world with accounts from survivors of the massacres perpetrated by Hamas on October 7th, 2023. The project collects written eyewitness accounts from survivors, and with their approval translates them into a range of languages, for worldwide exposure.


The world has to know. presents the authentic voices of survivors, from across the political spectrum, from different religious and ethnic groups, and of different ages. is not the edited press. There is no editing. No agenda. Just real survivors. Real people. They each have a name and a face and a heart wrenching account to tell, in their own unique voice. All accounts are translated, upon the survivor's approval, from the original Hebrew, in order to ensure the survivor's voice is authentic. The full names of the survivors have not been included in order to protect their identities.


The website and its content is maintained by a group of dedicated volunteers who willingy donate their time and skills. Together, our purpose is to make sure the stories of the survivors who endured these unimaginable horrors are never forgotten. It is our mission that the world bears witness to these atrocities.