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Survivor stories

Supernova, is an open-air psychedelic trance music festival that took place in a desert in southern Israel near kibbutz Re'im on October 6th-7th. The festival gathered thousands of Israelis and tourists from around the world.

At daybreak of Saturday October 7th, a barrage of rockets abruptly ended the party.What the party goers did not know at the time, was that Hamas terrorists had infiltrated the border and were on their way to the area.

At 6:30 am around sunriserockets were noticed in the sky. Around 7 am, a siren warned of an incoming rocket attack. Subsequently, armed terrorists arrived using motorcycles, trucks and paragliders, guns and rifles in hand, surrounded the festival grounds and indiscriminately fired on individuals attempting to escape.
The festival goers were forced to choose a survival strategy – running, hiding, or playing dead. They were gunned down from every direction. Their hiding places were set on fire. Their bodies were looted. Shelters were obliterated.


Attendees seeking refuge in nearby locations, such as bomb shelters, bushes, and orchards, were killed while in hiding. Those who reached the road and parking were trapped in a traffic jam as terrorists fired at vehicles. The terrorists executed some wounded individuals at point-blank range as they crouched on the ground.

These are stories of the survivors from the Nova Festival.

⚠ Warning: some of these stories are extremely difficult and describe war crimes involving violence, rape and brutality.


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