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Survivor stories

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  • Reut K.'s story

He was murdered in front of the very eyes of his children

Yesterday morning, October 7th at 8:20, terrorists entered Dvir’s house. With an axe, he threw himself at them. He tried, with his body, to protect his 2 children who were with him in the bomb shelter. They murdered him in front of the eyes of his children.

Last conversation with Dvir before he was murdered

Stav, his girlfriend, also tried, but they murdered her too. A terrorist calmed my Daria and Lavi, covered them with a blanket, took a lipstick and wrote on the wall, "El Kassam’s people don’t murder small children."

For 3 hours, I was on the phone with Daria. Calming her, breathing with her, listening to her breathing heavily and in panic, she heard someone still in the house. I instructed her: stay silent, and keep the line open always.

While I'm in Yahud, she's next to corpses. Scared from what she's seeing and the situation. She's calling for help, and I can't get to her. Until their guardian angel came.

Reut K.

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