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Survivor stories

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The terrorists were at our doorstep. I sat there with my son, petrified

  • Efrat S.'s story

I just wish this was a movie

I have to just let it out. I haven’t been able to close my eyes since Saturday morning at 6:30 in the morning.

I’m only now starting to process what I went through, what my family went through for 5 hours on that black Saturday. October 7th.


And I just wish this was a movie... If only.

My stomach is turning, my body is aching and weak.

After all those days that felt like an eternity, as if this war has been raging on for a year already...

I can’t put into words what I went through, what we went through until we escaped from there. I have tried to talk about it, but it’s nothing in comparison to what we actually went through. I’m trying to sleep now in a safe place in Israel, looking at my two small boys and not being able to process that they’re here next to me and we’re together.

It’s no longer something I can take for granted.

In my mind, I replay the horrific moments my sister and nephews went through with terrorists in their own home. And I was only 200 meters from them, unable to help in any way.

The most difficult moments of my life.

"I pray this trauma leaves me and them as fast as possible, mentally we are completely drained."

What a miracle, what a miracle we had.

I pray this trauma leaves me and them as fast as possible, mentally we are completely drained. I keep thinking of how many good innocent citizens we lost in our small regional council - Eshkol Regional Council.

How many heroes we lost. I can’t stop the tears.

I’m sending my support and strength to all the residents of the regional council who are fighting for their lives and sending a huge hug to everyone, stay strong.

And may the ever-growing list of names stop now, because we can’t take any more.

In the picture: My sister's house after horrific fighting that my family carried out against Hamas

A wall with gunshot marks

A broken window at Efrat S. sister's house

Efrat S.

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