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Survivor stories

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He saw beloved friends of ours, some shot all over their bodies, others burnt alive

  • Vlada B.'s story

I called my mom when there were terrorists behind me, and next to me a girl who got shot in the head

At 8:16 AM at the parking lot in Kibbutz Re'im, I called my mom when there were terrorists behind me, and next to me a beautiful girl who got shot in the head.

I called my mother, screaming to tell her I’m running away from terrorists and I’m about to give up because I’m passing out, my legs are shaking.

My amazing and heroic partner, my king, Roy, screamed at me, “Hang up the phone and run, just please run” and pushed me into the bushes, into a field, and didn’t let me stop running for 4.5 hours.

Vlada B.'s story

All these hours I spent trying to survive, I recalculated things in my head. I forgave everyone, loved everyone, and remembered all the moments I didn’t tell my mother how much she meant to me.

After the morning of the slaughtering, at 12:00 PM, good people saw us hiding and dehydrated in the rocks. They came and saved us, and took us to Moshav Patish.

When we got to the Moshav, I called my mom, both of us crying and thanking the heavens. She told me she’ll buy me a cake when I get home and I asked her, “A cake, mom? I’m not really hungry after a day like this”.

She answered me, “Yes, because today you were reborn, you’re a hero. From today, your life has been changed forever. You were watched over from above. Be thankful every day”.

That’s it.

Just a reminder that we only live once. But really, only once.

And that all our friends and beautiful people who are missing will come home safe and sound.

Vlada B.

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