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He saw beloved friends of ours, some shot all over their bodies, others burnt alive

  • Dor B.'s story

The people with the biggest sense of giving, love, and happiness were taken from us

Three difficult funerals in one day.

Only now I’m starting to understand what happened and it’s important that I say a few things. On the way from one funeral to the next, we keep hearing names of those closest to us who are gone and we just pray for good news from those missing, while still trying to do what we can to find and save them.

I don’t like to go out to every party, but Nova really is a celebration I love, a celebration in which people come to spread happiness and pure love, where you can feel the good vibes and the good people in the air.

And even this time, when I had no energy after the whole holiday, I just couldn’t miss the love. Who would have believed that this would happen, specifically at a party like this, led by people and principles that are the complete opposite of what happened there. As someone who has been going to parties from a young age and has been organizing parties like these for a few years already, I just know that we’re just a vessel of energy, that we came into this world to love and bring joy to others and infect people with all this good energy.

These last few days, I’ve managed to understand what is shared between all those we lost, they all were the best people, the happiest people, the most loving and loved. The people with the biggest sense of giving, love, and happiness were taken from us. The people we saw as real angels without a drop of evil.

I hope and it helps me to believe that they are gone because their time has come, they reached such a high level of love, giving, and pure kindheartedness that they can go up to Heaven.

And we, the survivors, still have a ways to go.

Regrettably, we suffered a hard blow, one that will take a long time to heal from, but it will happen, for our loved ones. You did not die in vain. I love you 💔

Dor B.

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