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Survivor stories

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I realized that if we stayed there, we would die

  • Gal M.'s story

We just wanted a party, we just wanted to dance

I’m still trying to digest everything. I didn’t know whether to share, but this is a scar and it needs to be let out.

We went through a difficult event.

We just wanted to go to a party, to listen to music and enjoy with friends and loved ones.

Young people at Nova Festival

People in cars at Nova Festival

"People must not keep quiet about what we went through"

Until, at 6:30 am, the music stops. We don’t understand what’s happening, they tell us that, as of this moment, there is no party, and we need to evacuate. Then we look up at the sky and see rocket trails, there is a red alert, shooting from everywhere, suddenly everybody starts to run, we don’t know where. All the cars that tried to leave stopped by the side of the road. There was a traffic jam, and we understood that the terrorists closed the exits from both directions.

Suddenly, after a few minutes, we hear shooting, we don’t know what to do, we flee and run to the open field towards the sun like the cops tell us, we start running for our lives towards Moshav Patish, we had nothing to do but run.

So we just ran and walked for 3 hours, until - thank God who saved us - people from the moshav saw us and took us on pickup trucks to their homes until it was safe to go out. After that, when we were allowed to leave, they dropped us off at a safe place and saved us. It was a miracle from heaven, God saved us.

I have a lot of missing friends, and still, there are no answers for their families. I pray and hope that they will return safely. People must not keep quiet about what we went through - something that has never happened here before!

Gal M.

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