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Survivor stories

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He saw beloved friends of ours, some shot all over their bodies, others burnt alive

  • Raz C.'s story

We were running like ducks at a shooting range

So what actually happened?

At 6am, as the party was peaking, we heard sirens wailing. We imagined the scenario of 3000 people trying to escape simultaneously, and decided not to leave right away.

A huge traffic jam formed on the road. At the same time I received a notification that the border had been breached - terrorists had infiltrated into our country.

Not a minute went by and shots were being fired on the road.

All those who had evacuated first were under heavy fire.

Tens of partygoers were being murdered on the road.

We hid under the stage - me, Yam and Shoham.

We took in people who tried to get away from the road and asked everyone to keep quiet so that no one would hear us there.

Raz C. A survivor of the Supernova festival

After a few minutes of far-off gunshots , and as we watched people running and screaming, one of the guys noticed the terrorists approaching us. He yelled at everyone to run.

We ran to an open area where there were more shooters. About 200 of us were running around like ducks at a shooting range. Those that were shot fell down and the rest continued running. We didn’t have a choice, we had to think of something that would save us quickly.

We descended into a bush in HaBesor stream and waited about six hours to be rescued.

For 6 hours we were surrounded by rockets, terrorists slaughtering people from the party and noises (best not to elaborate).

Shots whistling over our heads between our army and the terrorists. Neither side knew we were hiding in the stream. We were stuck in the middle of a shooting battle, bullets flying over our heads, inside of a stinking bush whispering and trying to send for help when all I can think of is “how much time does it take to drive 800 meters and get us out of here with a car?” Apparently the answer is 6 hours - but “never mind”.

In the end, we were saved by a miracle.

I am sorry for the loss of the families and partners that lost their loved ones.

Raz C.

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