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Survivor stories

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I realized that if we stayed there, we would die

  • Millet B.'s story

I wrote my family that I love them and that I'm happy with the life I've had

In the middle of the party, rockets started covering the sky and we realized we have to run.

Almost everyone was really waisted.

I took the car keys from someone I just met and started driving like crazy, trying to escape.

We heard shootings in every direction, people at the party were getting killed or kidnapped, we didn’t know where to go. We had to get out of the car and ran for 3 hours, but terrorists were everywhere.

NOVA party goers walking along a field

I felt weak and scared and couldn’t run anymore so we hid under a tree, covering ourselves with leafs. We called the police and they said they couldn’t help us, we are on our own.

Millet and three girls hiding in the bushes

At that point I was sure that I will not make it alive and I wrote my family that I love them and I’m happy with the life I’ve had.

We tried to breath quietly without crying because terrorists were still shouting everywhere.

Eventually we sent a video to a friend who was driving around and tried to find us, with 2% phone battery we heard his car honking and crawled towards his car. This angel saved us.

Millet B.

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